Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kim & NeNe Come to Blows in an ATL Mall

This one almost got past me. Back in April, NeNe and Kim had a physical altercation (which is speculated to be staged for 'reality' tv) with cameras in tow, outside of Bow Bow's mother's store in Atlanta's Atlantic Station. Spotted at

A Bossip earhustler reports: Nene was dropped off my her husband just outside of Taste. She was sigining autographs and greeting fans when a white Bentley pulled up. Kim Zolciak got out of the car and all hell broke loose. The got into a huge argument and started slapping each other. Nene tried to pull out Kim’s weave, but was unsuccessful. The camera crew was there to catch the fight and they looked really embarrassed as they broke everything up. I think it was staged because as soon as they got Kim and Nene in separate cars, Bow Wow’s mom, Teresa, randomly returned.

Just a Little Drama at the She By Sheree Debut

I just spotted this story over at the and couldn't resist sharing.

So apparently Sheree Whitfield hired a publicist named Jonathan Clardy who moved from LA to ATL to work with her. At the fashion show as he was giving direction to the media and chastising the writer and photog from the Atlanta Journal Constitution for writing disparaging comments about her, he was then informed that he was NOT her publicist by - the media and her publicist. Ouch, that had to burn a little. Peep his thanks/apology letter to the AJC.

Mr. Ho,
I would like to extend my apologies for our exchange on last nite at the SheBySheree clothing line launch.

I recently moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles and when I initially started working with Sheree Whitfield, as a publicist, I read all media and press concerning her as to acclimate myself.

In the execution of being a publicist, I did mention to you that I was aware of some of the articles that you had written about her, hoping that you would write something positive with regard to this event, it was not my intent to offend you or your photographer.

I would like to personally thank you and Cherry Banez for aprising me that I am not her publicist via your blog and article. I only wish that Ms. Whitfield had been forthright with me personally vs a media outlet.

Thanks for your understanding and consideration in this matter.
Sincerely, Jonathan

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She by Sheree debuts with Real Clothes This Time!

Just last night, castmember Sheree Whitfield of the Real Housewives of Atlanta fame, was finally able to realize her dream of debuting her clothing line...this time with actual clothes instead of blown up!

The soon-to-be-divorced diva successfully pulled off a do-over without major incident Tuesday night at Atlanta’s W Hotel. “I am on cloud nine! I am very, very pleased,” Whitfield said after receiving a standing ovation as she pranced down the runway in a form-fitting black satin strapless cocktail dress and fuchsia pumps.

Debuting her long-anticipated She By ShereĆ© fall clothing collection with fellow costars Kim Zolciak, NeNe Leakes, Lisa Wu-Hartwell and new girl Kandi Burruss (a singer-songwriter from platinum-selling ’90s R&B; girl group Xscape) looking on from the front row gave Whitfield the chance to redeem herself.

Read the full story here.

Can't Wait for The Real ATL Housewives Season 2!

Okay, there will DEFINITELY be a season 2 of everybody's favorite train wreck. I don't even think the Housewives of NJ will scratch the surface of the foolishness that's in store for the upcoming season starring the ATL crew.

One new development (which is actually old news, but I never posted it)...DeShawn Snow, who was basically the invisible cast member anyway, has been replaced by former Xscape girl group member Kandi Burress.

Cast members are remaining tight-lipped about what to expect from a new season, only promising to deliver plenty of drama. Zolciak hinted that her singing career is still on track (even if her friendship with Leakes is not. “It is what it is,” she said of their relationship). “I am so happy with my music career,” Zolciak said, “I’m really excited about it. Everyone’s going to die when they see what happens.”

I smell draaaama!

Sneak peek:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is Kim a Pathological Liar?

During the reunion show, Lisa told Kim that she was a pathological liar. Hmm...let's check the facts.

1. She claimed to be able to sing. *false*

2. She claimed Dallas Austin was producing her single. *false*

3. She claimed to be engaged to a mystery man whose identity could not be confirmed. *probably false*

4. She claimed to wear the Barbie wig because she has cancer. *sigh...if that's a lie, she's really sad*

5. She reportedly called Lisa a crack whore. *false*

6. She claimed that she was posing for Playboy. *false*

This broad is shady. Maybe she does need medication.

Atlanta Businesses Reveal the 'Real' Behind the Housewives

We all should know by now that you can't believe everything you see on TV, especially reality TV. Click here to find out what Atlanta establishments are saying about their few minutes of being featured on the show.

The Reunion Show

So after seeing the reunion show, is the beef between Kim and everybody else real? Lisa's hubby Ed says yes. I would agree with Ed. If it wasn't real, it just got really real.

Poor Kim is like the punching bag of the show. She's the stepchild...I almost feel sorry for her, but I don't. She put herself in that predicament.

NeNe's haircut was real cute. On the show, she seemed to be the breakout star, but I don't know. Lisa may have stolen the spotlight.

Lisa is a 'G'! (that's gangsta for those who don't know)

DeShawn is invisible. I think they should replace her with Frankie (Keisha Cole's mom). That would be hot!

Sheree is a mess. So beautiful on the outside, but her personality is a huge turnoff. No wonder she's single.

So, Kim's Barbie wig is to cover up cancer? Oh, okay. I'll give Kim a pass for the "hang out and eat chicken" comment. It was a barbeque. Chicken is generally on the menu. No foul with me. Sometimes we can be too sensitive.

DWIGHT!!! Look at his hair! LOLOL he needs to bring Kim's hair into the 21st century! Read more about fab Dwight, the extra hairdresser here.

Okay, until they put up clips of the reunion show, check this parody out.